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Space is simply vacuum. It can be defined as everything in the universe which is beyond the top of earth’s atmosphere. A study on space is necessary for a better understanding of the physical universe.

Galaxies can be said as those boundless collection of stars that fill our universe. Obviously to count the number of galaxies is a tough task, still it is estimated that there are about one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe and beyond this circle its a matter of wonder.

The solar system, the milky way galaxy and the universe always fascinate us.

The knowledge of earth’s position in the universe has been formulated after 400 years of telescopic observations and calculations.Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is capable of sustaining life.

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Solar System


  1. Saturn planet of the solar system on Public Domain Images
  2. Mars planet of the solar system on Public Domain Images
  3. Jupiter planet of the solar system on Public Domain Images
  4. Image: Idea go /

The solar system consists of all planets that orbit the sun and in addition to these planets it includes moon, asteroids,comets,minor planets, gas and dust. Everything in the solar system revolves around the sun.

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